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Well it is 5:27 AM EST
I should PROBABLY be sleeping but I had to read this book I hadn't started for French class and the exam is tomorrow-well later today really.
Plus I have to write this sort of 'creation' thing for drama and it is due for last week. LOL yeah so after I finished the book I thought 'okay let's do this thang (ewww la lingua gangsta is really weird in my mouth)' but uhh for some reason, I had to run off and play on the internet just because...

So because I'm such a genius at procrastinating, I decided to post in my LJ before tackling my creation-thingy. Ughh I was going along a 'time' theme and it would be cut by slideshow/amvs and the like. I'm terrified though for some reason.

I just don't understand why I can't bring myself to do things. If you have any suggestions please feel obliged to help me =D

Current Location: at my desk *gasp :O*
Current Mood: distressed distressed
Current Music: なつき潜入 - 梶浦由記

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... After sidestepping nastily from posting anything in my journal I've finally decided to get my LJ active.

I seriously have no clue on where to begin with but I guess I'll start by offering my friendship and skills to those willing to take it ^^!
By skills I mean astrological and tarot readings. I also willingly correct texts in english or french (say you're Ukrainian and you want to write in French or English but aren't very good, I can't correct you). I also do translation for those two languages. I draw but rarely take requests and my writing has often been praised so I might post some of my stuff if I feel confident enough.

Please take good are of me!

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Current Mood: anxious anxious
Current Music: Roses Are Red - Aqua

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